Nuclear Simulation



Rahim Nabbi

Head of Nuclear Simulation


+49 241 80 90728


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Nuclear safety and disposal are research areas in which a high amount of numerical calculations and simulation techniques is utilized. The work group “Nuclear Simulation” develops and applies sophisticated calculation and simulation codes to study nuclear and physical processes involved in the fields of nuclear fuel cycle and reactor safety.

Research focuses include:


Simulation of nuclear processes for the transmutation of transuranium elements and fission products in nuclear reactors and accelerator-driven systems – ADS.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Studying the safety behaviour of innovative fuel concepts, for example containing thorium, in existing and future reactors.

Safety of Repositories

Simulation of material changes and degradation processes in radioactive waste during storage.

Activation and Radiation Safety

Simulation of activity inventories and radiation fields in structures of nuclear facilities and final depositories.