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This page provides an overview of courses offered by the Chair of Resository Safety.



Repository Concepts

B.Sc. Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply

Winter semester

Contents of the lecture

Ionizing radiation

Radioactive waste and radioactive waste containers

Geology of possible host rocks

Barriers, confining rock formations

Site selection law (StandAG)

Regulatory issues: BMU ordinances

Storage of radioactive waste in drifts

Borehole storage of radioactive waste (short, underground boreholes)

Deep borehole disposal

Retrieval and recovery of radioactive waste

National repository projects: ASSE, Konrad, Morsleben 

International repository projects: France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, China, USA, Canada

Energy and raw materials in the 21st century

Lecture Series of the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering

B.Sc. Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply

Winter semester


Wind power - immission control, owner concerns, species protection (BUR)
Site assessment & spatial planning (IfM)

Geology of deposits, mineral raw material extraction above ground (MRE)

Energy machines, machine technology in the raw materials industry (AMT)

Processing of mineral raw materials (AMR)

Underground energy storage & the electricity market of the future (ELS)

Wind Turbine Dismantling & Recycling (ANTS)

Thermal Recycling & Disposal of Wind Turbines (TEER)

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Basics of underground spatial planning

B.Sc. Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply

Summer semester

Contents of the lecture

Forms of use of the subsurface

Legal basics

Geological information basics

Geophysical exploration methods

Approaches of underground spatial planning

Final disposal of radioactive waste

Deposit of waste

M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Supply

Lecture of TEER and ELS

Summer semester

Content of the lecture

Introduction and development in landfill technology (TEER, external lecturer)

Requirements for landfilling and site selection (TEER, external lecturer)

Installation and sealing technology (TEER, external lecturer)

Organization, operation, aftercare and subsequent use (TEER, external lecturer)

Overview of underground waste disposal (ELS)

Underground backfill / underground disposal (ELS)

Deep and final disposal of high-level radioactive waste (ELS)

Final disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste (ELS)