Repository Safety

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Within the framework of the reorientation of the Chair of Repository Safety (ELS), research topics relevant to repositories are to be worked on:

  • Further development of safety and verification concepts for repository systems for high-level radioactive waste in the host rocks claystone, rock salt and crystalline, oriented to the safety functions of the respective barriers

  • Further development of operating, emplacement and closure concepts for repositories in the above-mentioned host rock types

  • Implementation of regulatory boundary conditions into the concrete design of the site selection procedure, e.g. the development of a procedure for the performance of safety investigations within the framework of the site selection procedure

  • Further development of scientific principles, methods and criteria for the safety-oriented comparison of repository systems in different host rocks

  • Development of technical cavity visualization and monitoring systems

  • Development of methods and instruments for the preservation of knowledge and competence in the field of final disposal

Important research topics of the former Chair of Nuclear Engineering and Technology Transfer (NET) are also maintained at ELS:

  • Waste Management of Radioactive Waste
  • Nuclear Simulation
  • Nuclear waste management and dismantling of nuclear facilities